Hello there, gorgeous human!

I’m Grace Frohlich

I’m an actor, a film school drop out, a YouTuber, a lover of all, and of course- a web designer.

I started building websites all the way back in 2002, coding everything by hand and loving it. Basically, yes- I was a geek, before it was cool.
Ever since then I have worked to perfect my skills and built countless websites, from personal blogs, to portfolios, and sites for international organisations.

My philosophy

My main reason for creating My Actor Website is because I believe every working actor should have a place where others can learn about them, who they are and what they do.
You should have full control over your content, and it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get there.

I know that as artists we sometimes get overwhelmed by too many options and over-complicated tech, my goal is to be the bridge between the technology and you.

The Software I use

I like to use the latest software for my projects, so I know there is nothing better out there for my clients. These are the platforms that I use on a regular basis.