Behind the scenes of an actor website, made simple

If you’ve ever built a website before, you would know that the back-end of a website (the area where you update your site, add pictures, news etc) can be incredibly confusing and messy.

It’s not enough to have a beautiful website just for the visitors. If you want to have any control over your website yourself, your site must have a user interface you can understand.

As a WordPress specialist, it was extremely important to me to use the latest premium plugins and customisations in order to give my clients the best and easiest behind the scenes experience possible.

Here is a side by side comparison of how this looks:

Standard WordPress Dashboard
My Actor Website Dashboard

Having an awesome actor website gets to be as easy and simple as you would like it to be.  I spent over 10 years learning web design- so that you don’t have to! 😀

Do you have any questions about having an actor website? Don’t hesitate to contact me on social media or on this contact page. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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