Do actors really need a website? Isn’t social media enough?

Social media has pretty much taken over our lives, and there is no doubt it offers some incredible features and ways to reach and connect with other people.

With that said though, here are the 3 main reasons every actor should have their own website, even in the era of Facebook and Instagram.

1. Having one organised place where all of your materials can be found is invaluable. When you are spread across many social media platforms, it is much harder to keep track your promotional material, not to mention that we want to make it easier for industry professionals to find us and have access to all of our material in one place.

2. We want our website to represent who we are. We want a place where we can control fully how things look and feel, where we can decide what picture or video to display and how. When looking at places like Facebook, Instagram, IMDB etc- you have zero control over the layout of your material. Not only that- these sites are DESIGNED to distract the visitor and get them to click on as many links as possible. The moment someone gets a notification- they’re gone, and you have no say over this. That’s why it’s so important to have your own business card online- that way you know you’ve got the person’s attention and they can absorb your materials without distractions.

3. Hey, do you remember MySpace? Yeah, me neither. 😆 Just to say- no all social media platforms are forever. At the end of the day, all big social media companies are run by big corporations. They can do with your material as they like, they can block your account (that’s why it’s always important to have back ups) or- they can just go out of business. If all of your material is just concentrated on those platforms, you are left with nothing.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that should be used as such. But they are an added outreach bonus, not the main course. We get to use them wisely and with purpose, to build our audience and contact fellow creators. But when it comes to our online home- there is nothing better than having your own website.

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