How to keep your actor website up to date

Keeping your website updated is an integral part of your monthly business routine. I’m not simply talking about having up-to-date headshots and your new showreel (though they are important, of course). I’m referring to the News or Updates section of your website. 

If you chose to have a section like that on your site, you have two choices. You can make sure that your news are recent and updated, or you can choose to remove the “date” option all together (for most online platforms this should be an easy thing to do)

So, why is it important? Well, imagine you are an agent/casting director looking at a potential actor’s website. The material itself looks interesting, but then you see that the last job they had was on 2017. Now- maybe this actor has actually been working since then, but if their updates don’t show it, there is no way of knowing. An updated news section shows industry professionals that you are an active, working actor.

“But I didn’t book any serious jobs recently!”, you might say, “What am I suppose to write about?”

Well, we all know there is a lot more to the business of acting than just booking the job. The idea is to share in the process and show that you are working on your craft and your business. Here are some ideas of news items you can write about on your updates page, and how you can spread single “events” into several posts:

  • Are you getting new headshots? How about taking a few pictures in the make-up chair? That way you can post them right away, without needing to wait for all the photos to be sent to you. Then, when your new headshots are re-touched and ready to go, you can post those as well.
  • Did you have a really good audition or got a call back? Write about that.
  • Behind the scenes shots, you on the set.
  • When they publish the release date for a film you were in. Then, when the movie is out, you can post about that, too!
  • Did you watch a movie or a TV show that you absolutely loved? You can write a little about it, and how it impacted you as an actor.
  • Were you a guest on a podcast recently? If it had anything to do with the arts, it’s a great thing to write about.

Hopefully I got your creative juices flowing in how you can share on your website. Don’t worry, you don’t have to post every day, or week even. Once or twice a month will keep your site looking professional and up-to-date.

*On the websites that I design you can even write as many posts as you like in one batch ready to go, and schedule them to post automatically on the dates that you choose. That you way you can just “set it and forget it”– a great thing to do if you know you will be busy for the upcoming month, for example.

I hope this article gave you some ideas and you are now excited and looking forward to filling you websites up with all your recent acting shenanigans!

What do you write about on your actor website? Let me know 🙂

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