Spotlight and other actor listing websites

Actor listing websites such as Spotlight, Actors Access, Showcast, Backstage etc could be extremely beneficial to actors with regards to applying for auditions or keeping in contact with their agents.

But- can listing websites replace having your own, personal website all together?

Let’s break this down- it is true that these type of sites provide you with a quick, basic “calling card” for someone to see your basic details, a few headshots and maybe some videos. 


  • They don’t allow any customisation, all actor profiles look the same and don’t give any sense of who you are- there is no playing around with colours, design or anything that would set you apart from other performers.
  • If you do anything in the creative world other than acting– there’s no where to shine a light on it.
  • On many of these websites you can only be contacted via the site, no other means of communication.
  • These formulated profiles will give the visitors FACTS about you- your height, acting age, how long your hair is; But that will not tell anyone WHO YOU ARE.
  • Some of them require a higher level of entry than you might have (experience or education).
  • They monitor what material you can use (ie- only certain types of headshots, videos etc)

As you can see- while being helpful in their own right, actors listing websites cannot replace your own, dedicated online space, where you have full control and allow industry professionals to get the grasp of who you are, fully, and apart from any other performers

Plus, as mentioned on the list- if you are also a creative in other fields (playwright, filmmaker, YouTuber, author, comedian, dancer, musician etc etc.) your options on these sites are limited. It would be best for you to have your own online home where you can share your other creations, develop a community, even sell your shows/services.

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